David M Littlefield

David M Littlefield is a multi-disciplinary Web and Graphic Designer, illustrator and photographer with over 15 years experience creating user-friendly websites, UI/UX design, web and print based design solutions for artists, soloprenuers, small businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits. He has worked as a freelancer and in-house designer.

His first website was built with GoLive CyberStudio, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor in the late 1990s; which became Adobe GoLive when Adobe acquired the company in 1999. David eventually moved onto Dreamweaver in the mid 2000s, learning to code HTML and CSS while working for several e-commerce companies and a social media startup. He used WordPress for the first time in 2009, and the CMS has become his go to platform when creating website for clients and himself since 2012.

David recently spent four years living in Beijing, China; exploring much of China, and other Asian countries, as well as several countries in Europe. He has circumnavigated the world at least twice since 2016.

When not building websites David works on his photography and travel blog dmlphotoworx.com and a graphic novel.